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Law Firm Germany-Feinen 

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We offer debt collection services all over the world.
We are Your partner in international debt collection worldwide.

The Law Firm Germany-Feinen is specialised in international debt collection, commercial law, contract law and insolvency law.

We are part of a network of 125 countries, especially Europe, United Kingdom, GB, Ireland, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands and Belgium.

We have partners for example also in Italy, France, Spain, Poland, Greece, Turkey, Lithunia, Estonia and Latvia.

Our out of court service is on basis of no win, no fee basis (" no cure, no pay ") for bad debts (commercial debts, private debts).

  • no win, no fee / no cure, no pay basis
  • no long-termed contractual binding
  • no minimum turnover
  • no Start-up fee, no upfront fees
  • no hidden fees
  • The comission fee for "no collection, no fee" is regularly in the range from 3-10 %, depending on the amount and maturity (age) of the claim (Please note that these conditions do not apply in insolvency proceedings).
  • We would appreciate to inform you as well about costs and fees if court proceedings become necessary.


Out-of-court proceedings are free of charge, no entry fees. It is not necessary to sign a contract.

To start collection we firstly need the invoices and all contact details of the debtor, especially all e-mail accounts, phone No., postal address. Please inform about the facts and the amount of the debt.

Our Law Firm is specialized in collecting debts all over the world (network of 125 countries). We offer services in all areas of civil and commercial law and have been working with numerous international companies and Law Firms for more than 25 years.

We offer full service to our clients. Therefore the advantage to make use of our services is that all proceedings, out of court proceedings, court proceedings and execution (enforcement) proceedings are in one single hand and are processed by long lasting experience of our Lawyers. As a Law Firm we represent your interests during all stages of proceedings from the first request for payment up to the enforcement of a judgment.
As Lawyers we are legally bound by confidentiality and professional rules and the attorney-client-privilege.

We are able to provide our services via direct and certified high-security access to the files and communication for free (WebAkte-WebFile) to avoid unsecure e-mail-communication (server with 128bit encryption, server location Germany), anywhere - anytime - by PC, lap-top or smartphone! Certainly we are able to communicate via encrypted e-mail as well.

If you are interested in our dect collection services (out of court: no win, no fee) please consider the information below. In court proceedings we can offer favorable, competitive terms and reasonable fees.

1. Out-of-court proceedings:
Out-of-court proceedings are free of charge (no upfront fee, no hidden charges - no cure, no pay in out-of court proceedings). In case of success in collection we only charge for a contingent fee from the collected amount in fact.
Our regular fees are*:
We would appreciate to offer different quotes upon request.
Please note that these conditions are no applicable if the debtor is in insolvency proceedings.

Our free service always includes:
- check of the court's register of debtors,
- check if service of (court) documents is possible
- check of pending bankruptcy proceedings,
- peculiarities in the Internet and Social Networks-low level,
- active business of the debtor (f.i. phone calls, fax), etc.
We are able to provide you with information about the debtor like credit reports of the most famous credit rating agencies in Germany.

In debt collection cases we generally do not claim any retainer fee for our services.
Therefore our clients have no risk in fees and costs in prelegal proceedings (out of court).

We always send a request for payment (main claim, interest, costs) and set a deadline of around 1 week. We will contact the debtor by phone at the same time (contact by phone, e-mail, fax and mail). In around 1 week we will know if the debtor pays the debt voluntarily. Our workflow allows basically 4 steps from a first request for payment (dunning letter) up to the sending of a fully prepared plaint (written statement of claim) to threaten the debtor with court ultimately.*

2. Court proceedings:
If the debtor does not react or refuses to pay court proceedings are to recommend by lack of further legal options to force him to payment out of court. Before starting any court proceedings we request for your consent and try to get information about the solvency of the debtor.

We direct the case to a Partner in the country of the debtor. Costs and fees of court proceedings follow the conditions of the country of your debtor and the Law Firm handling the case. Before initiating any legal steps we will inform you about the fees, estimation of costs and possible risks.

We kindly request to sign and send back a Letter of Authorization (proxy, PoA) by e-mail to avoid discussions with the debtor about our mandate. We will send it after your reply. The LoA is a proof for the debtor that we are entitled to act on behalf of the client. Otherwise the debtor can refuse any communication. It does not rule any conditions in relation to us. Please note that in case of enforcement of a judgment bailiffs are requested by law to demand a LoA with original signature send by mail.

Please note that success of collection is depending on all information about the debtor like full postal address, full name, Birthday, legal form (corporate company or individual), e-mail accounts, web sites, telNo. and fax.No., bank details of the debtor and the documentation the client provides us with.
In case the debtor ignores our mandate and settles the debt directly we will claim for the fees against the debtor further on.

We would like to send your more detailed information about our workflow and course of proceedings on your request.

You expressively agree in communication by e-mail. You be informed that communication by e-mail is not secure and that it is basically possible to read data communication unauthorized.

We will be glad to answer your questions and provide further information to you at any time.

* The client agrees to inform our Law Firm about all facts related to the case and to provide all documents and information requested. In case of direct contact the client will also direct the debtor to us in any case and will abstain from any settlement without our consent. In case of any direct communication and settlement between the client and the debtor we charge a fee of 12%, not less than 120,00 EUR. The same applies if the debtor pays only the main claim directly to the client and the client does not wish us to pursue any further fees and costs. In those cases we are entitled to pursue the claim in relation to legal fees against the debtor if applicable on our risk.
We are entitled to deduct the agreed fees and possible legal fees the debtor has to bear from any remittance to our clients.
** There is no right to claim for.

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