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Use our online form below to send and upload your data and files securely and data-protected. Click on the picture and you will be guided to the form of our law firm software. You only need to fill in a few details.

The transmission takes place via protected high-security servers. The advantage for us is that the data can be immediately transferred to our office software and we can immediately start processing your case.

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Company Solvency Information Service

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If your e-mail returns from the post-office, to contact the debtor by fax and e-mail is not possible anymore…??


Our offer in debt collection:

- What do you know about your business partners?
- Your customer did not react anymore?
- Are they still solvent or already registered as debtors?

We offer to check 1 company or individual for free if you send us all contact details (full name, legal form, postal address, phone, fax, e-mail, website, name of the CEO etc.) and a short description of the case.
For each further inquiry we charge 60,00 EUR. 


Our check includes:


- court's register of debtors

- check of validation of all contact details
- check if service of (court) documents is possible
- pending bankruptcy proceedings,
- peculiarities in the Internet and Social Networks-low level,
- active business of the debtor (f.i. phone calls, fax), etc


Please note: The following services are always included in case of a mandate:

- check of all contact details and registration as a debtor: 40,00 EUR regular charge

- check and collection of information in SocialMedia: 40,00 EUR

- check of pending bankruptcy proceedings: 60,00 EUR

- check of a valid postal address (important in case of court proceedings): 60,00 EUR

Not included in a running mandate:

- credit report individuals: 100,00 EUR

- credit report companies: 180,00 EUR.



We also recommend to check the solvency of the debtor by a comprehensive and detailed credit report. We offer a flat of 180,00 Euro - our PayPal Service for fast processing. Choose the service from the drop-down menue. Please send us the data of the debtor by e-mail (click) or use the follwing form.


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You can also use the PayPal.Me Service: just click here: here>> or search in your browser, enter the amount and send it us - that's all.





Safety Packages - Information counts!

The problem: Often creditors realise impending default firstly if their business partners do not pay the invoices after several reminders. Often it is too late to ensure payment and to trace the debtors.

Please check our offers here: Safety Packages -->>





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We offer our clients direct and certified high-security access to their files and communication for free (WebAkte-WebFile)
- server with 128bit encryption,
- server location in Germany
anywhere - anytime! Feel free to contact us.

Our WebFile – Your "filing cabinet" at the Internet – SSL encryption – being informed of the status of your files anytime, anywhere.

Please register and login here and we will send your login-credentials immediately - without any obligation or commitment.


If you are interested to avoid unsecure ee-mail-communication and to avoid permanent calls please click on the botton "WebAkte".

With our new service of "WebFile" we provide our clients SSL-secured access to their files around the clock.
You will be informed about all news (documents, letters…) immediately and you can transfer documents to us much easier.
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There is no right for claiming an information nor a response from the Law Office

The Law Firm Germany-Feinen, 50823 Köln, Germany, would like to to assist you in all legal and court matters all over Germany, especially in the area of debt recovery in Germany.

Our Law Firm is primarily dealing in debt recovery. Our Lawyers are called to the bar at every court in Germany. For 15 years we are working for numerous foreign companies in the field of debt recovery and took over the debt collection for French, Italian and English export credit insurance companies. Therefore our Lawyers are familiar with the needs in debt recovery resp. collection proceedings. Our Office combines modern debt recovery proceedings with subsequent court proceedings if necessary - all proceedings are in one single hand. Your case is always related to one office - from the first demand letter (dunning letter, reminder) in debt recovery until payment in enforcement proceedings.

Please look furthermore to our information area which describes debt recovery proceedings more detailed especially the list of documents and information needed in debt collection. Our Attorney's are specialist consultants in debt recovery with experience in contract law and the enforcement and securing of claims and creditor´s rights in debtor´s bankruptcy proceedings.


Law Firm Germany-Feinen Cologne, Germany, Attorney specialsed in collecting debts, commercial and business law, recovery of debts, bad debt recovery, recovery agency recognition and enforcement of judgements,mediation. Our Law Office is working in the field of claim management, international contract law, conducting of lawsuit (court proceedings).

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