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International Courses, Workshops and Lectures in Your Country

We offer Courses, Workshops, Lectures and also in-house-trainings in your enterprise.




  • Salesmen dealing with Germany
  • Enterprises dealing with Germany
  • debt collection agencies
  • Credit Insurance companies
  • Factoring companies
  • Lawyers


Our courses include the following modules and cover issues related to (for example):

- Debt Collection in Germany:

Starting a claim for an unpaid debt, reminder/request for payment, culpable delay of payment/default, dunning/demand letter, instalment agreements, calculation of interest, phone calls, threats, Understanding how to deal with the debtor’s response of fast track to judgement, typical reactions of debtors in Germany, steps in collecting a debt, usual conditions and services, tracing of the debtor, investigation and collection of information, legal problems at this stage like Statute of Limitations etc.

- Court and Enforcement Proceedings in Germany:
Preparing for trial, Course and Specialities, costs, fees, duration of court proceedings, commercial litigation and specialist divisions at court, specialties for plaintiffs outside EU, requirements of court proceedings, applicable law, place of jurisdiction, the function, status and position of your lawyer/attorney and the judge, alternative methods of dispute resolution (f.e. Mediation), enforcing a judgement and enforcement mechanisms, Appeals and Limitations, bailiff, attachment of bank accounts, "affidavit of means" etc.

- GC (General Conditions)/T &C (Terms and Conditions):
Opportunities and risks, applicable law, place of jurisdiction, arbitration clause, retention of title, Problems and recommendations of other Clauses etc.

- Bankruptcy Proceedings in Germany/Insolvency:
Opportunities or total loss of money?
Course of proceedings - brief summary, consequences related to running court proceedings and enforcement proceedings, legal requirements, Using insolvency procedures as an alternative to claim? Recommendations and Tips, Risks.

- Discussion
against impending default, Securities in buiness relations, typical FAQ of Clients, how to transform legal requirements into the business relation, most popular faults,
Recommendations and Tips etc.

It is possible to choose and combine all topics as desired. The overview of topics is designed for a 2-Day-Workshop/Course.

For a 1-Day-Workshop or single lectures you can choose special topics or propose topics as desired. Please contact us!


We can also deliver this course as in house trainings and customise the courses content to meet the specific requirements of your company or staff.


Suitability - Who should attend? The courses are aimed prior at CEOs and entrepreneurs but also to legal professionals and debt collection practitioners like:

  • In house lawyers
  • Solicitors in private practice
  • Legal and para-legal executives
  • Commercial directors and managers
  • Contracts managers
  • Support teams in Debt Recovery departments in law firms
  • Credit controllers
  • Collection agents
  • Finance departments Accounts teams
  • Recovery specialists
  • Individuals looking to develop a better understanding of the rules in Germany


Expenses and Conditions: In case of invitation you organise travel and accomodation (upper international standard).
The cost of this course based is depending on the usual conditions of Your country. As a guideline we charge 600,00 EUR per day for a Workshop (6-8 h a day), 450,00 EUR for a course (around 4 h) and a Lecture (around 2 h) 250,00 EUR in European Countries.
Esp. in Asia (India, China) our pricing depends on the local standards. Please contact us!

Teaching aids and accommodation will be provided by the Provider as agreed (Flipcharts, Beamer etc.).

Publications and further advertisement by your opportunities is desired.


Minimum number of participants: 8-10


Location: In case of invitation: Hotel of your choice (upper international standard desired)


Speaker: Senior Lawyer Mr. Michael Feinen, Attorney of Law, 25 years experience in international debt collection and court proceedings.


Please request a quote by email or phone:


email: Topic: Workshop (Date, Venue)

Overview of events (Year 2024):


1. India, Kerala: Date on request: 2-Day-Workshop "Debt collection in Germany"
G.V. Raja Vattapara Road, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala - 695527 INDIA

Topics: all mentioned above
Pricing: on request
Workshop Leader: Mr. Michael Feinen


2. India, Kerala: Date on request: 2-Day-Workshop "Debt collection in Germany"
G.V. Raja Vattapara Road, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala - 695527 INDIA

Topics: all mentioned above
Pricing: on request
Workshop Leader: Mr. Michael Feinen


3. UK, London: Date in request: 1-Day Course "Court Proceedings in Germany"

Topics: Court Proceedings in Germany
Pricing: 200,00 GBP
Hotel: still to be announced
Workshop Leader: Mr. Michael Feinen


4. India, Delhi: Date on request 1-Day Workshop "Debt collection in Germany"
Topics: Debt collection in Germany, Court Proceedings in Germany
Pricing: on request

Hotel: still to be announced
Speaker: Mr. Michael Feinen

Workshops in Denmark, Lithuania, Latvia and China are planned end of the year. Please stay in contact.



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