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Law Firm Feinen  Köln  Germany

Your partner in debt collection and commercial law


Debt Collection all over Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Europe

out of court service - no cure, no pay

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The Law Firm Feinen, Köln, Cologne, Germany, would like to take the opportunity to introduce our office and our legal services.

  • Debt Collection all over Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Europe
  • out of court service - no cure, no pay
  • commercial law, contract law, insolvency law
  • We are Lawyers with 25 years of experience

debt collector Lawyer Germany


The facts: Your partner in Germany tries to delay payments by promises, false allegations about his bad financial situation, excuses and far-fetched legal objections like defective of goods a.s.o..
Your attempts to force him to payment by phone calls and emails failed.

  • We are at your service for all kind of claims like purchase price, all claims based on contract law or commercial law, private or business loans, damages and indemnification, enforcement of judgments of your country.
  • Consumer debts - Commercial debts
  • We assist in debt collection of claims more than 100 Euro/ 150 USD


Our Fees and conditions:


1. Out of court: no upfront fees


Out of court proceedings are free of charge for our clients ("no cure, no pay").

As our client you come up to pay nothing in out-of-court-activities (prelegal proceedings).
In case of success in collection we charge for a contingent fee (commission) only from the collected amount. The range is 1,5% - 7,5% (details on your request).
Our services are including the check of:
- court's register of debtors,
- active business of the debtor (f.i. phone calls, fax), etc.
- pending bankruptcy proceedings,
- peculiarities in the Internet and Social Networks (low level),
- check if service of (court) documents is possible

2. Court proceedings:

If the debtor refuses to pay or does not react court proceedings are to recommend by lack of further legal options to force him to payment out of court.

Before starting any court proceedings we request for your consent and try to get information about the solvency of the debtor.


Please consider: If the debtor has acknowledged to pay the debt you can achieve a judgment very fast and by investing less or no fees at all! Please call us or describe the case shortly by email.

In court proceedings we can offer favorable, competitive terms and reasonable fees:

  • It is possible to free you from any costs if we dispose of full documentation
  • We offer conducting court proceedings by paying only court fees in case of certain circumstances (f.e. we dispose of full documentation, PoA...).
  • Furthermore it is possible to free you from any costs to start court proceedings if you accept a higher commission/success fee (10-25%) to cover our risks.
    You can find more details here-->

    Court fees relate to a legal table, binding by law. The amount depends on the amount in controversy (amount of claim). The same applies for Lawyer fees.

    We kindly ask for your understanding, that basically court fees cannot be covered by our office, meaning that the client has to provide us with the court fees in advance.

    The debtor is obliged by law to refund all court and lawyers fees, if he is defeated in the lawsuit. Hence, all fees and costs are basically recoverable from the debtor.

    We do not initiate court proceedings without your prior consent.

You can find the legal table here: "court + fees".
You also find explanations how to calculate the fees in your case.

Please ask for your individual offer for free!

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Your benefits:


Our collections process is due to more than 20 years of experience with outstanding payments.Our workflow is being constantly improved to include legislative changes and also the latest technological innovations that can benefit our clients (e.g.: consultation and transmission of files by Internet, databases, E-mail, etc.)

Our Lawyers would like to assist you in all legal and court matters all over Germany and Europe (in English language), especially in the area of debt collection and commercial law as well as in all areas of civil and procedural law. In addition the field of international purchase law (international sale of goods) is absolutely important for our work.

Our Law Firm and debt recovery agency is primarily dealing in the area of collecting outstanding debts (bad debts) in Germany -and all European countries as well- and the international conducting of lawsuits. Our Lawyers are called to the bar at every court in Germany.

For more than 25 years we have been working for numerous foreign companies in the field of claim management and took over the debt collection for French, Italian and English export credit insurance companies. Therefore our Lawyers are familiar with their handling and requirements in bad debt collection proceedings. We serve industrial, commercial and service-providing firms as well as private individuals.

Our Office combines modern debt collection proceedings (debt collection agency) with subsequent court proceedings if necessary - all proceedings are in one single hand.

Your case is always related to one office - from the first request for payment (dunning letter, reminder) until payment in enforcement (execution proceedings, levy of execution). Please visit our new FAQ-webpage for a lot of details in debt recovery proceedings.

Screenshots of our App:

debt collectors claim management Germany Europe Lawyer Law Firm international law commercial law contract law   debt collectors claim management Germany Europe Lawyer Law Firm international law commercial law contract law



Your further benefits:

  • more than 20 years experience in debt collection for foreign companies in Germany and European countries
  • more than 20 years of experience in Civil Law, Commercial Law, Contract Law and conducting of court proceedings and execution for foreign companies
  • Your legal representative on the home ground of the debtor - everywhere in Germany
  • out of court proceedings, court proceedings and enforcement in one single hand
  • modern and effective workflow in processing of your claims and communication
  • guaranteed 4-stages proceedings to collect the debt out of court
  • "no cure, no pay" in out of court proceedings
  • no additional fees and expenses in contrast to debt collection agencies in Germany
  • in court proceedings we can offer favorable, competitive terms and reasonable fixed-rates for our services. Please note that the debtor has to take over all our fees and court fees in case of a judgment to your favour.
  • additional background information in each stage of proceedings (e.g. bankruptcy proceedings)
  • we are called to the bar all over Germany

business information about your debtor or your future business partner (from 10,00 EUR for address check of the debtor, Comprehensive Credit Report 60,00 EUR to learn more about the solvency of your business partner more>>)

Please note that success of collection is depending on all information about the debtor like full postal address, full name, Birthday, legal form (corporate company or individual), email accounts, web sites, TelNo. and Fax.No., bank details of the debtor and the documentation the client provides us with.

The advantage of our services as a Law Firm is that all proceedings, out of court, court proceedings and execution (enforcement) proceedings are in one single hand.

Please visit our new website:

* In case of any direct communication and settlement between the client and the debtor we charge a commission fee of 10% of the amount paid in any case, not less than 120,00 EUR. The same applies if the debtor pays only the main claim directly to the client and the client does not wish us to pursue any further legal fees and costs the debtor has to bear by Law. In those cases we are entitled to pursue the claim in relation to legal fees against the debtor if applicable on our risk. We are entitled to deduct the agreed fees and possible legal fees the debtor has to bear by Law from any remittance to our clients. These conditions are usual and reasonable. Please contact us in case of any queries.

Anwaltskanzlei Feinen
D-50670 Köln
London Office
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+44 203 3184574 fax

Skype call: debtcollection

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Law Firm Feinen Cologne, Germany, Attorney specialsed in collecting debts, commercial and business law, recovery of debts, bad debt recovery, recovery agency recognition and enforcement of judgements,mediation. Our Law Office is working in the field of claim management, international contract law, conducting of lawsuit (court proceedings).

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Law Firm Feinen, 50670 Köln, Germany, specialist in debt collection, claim management and international contract law
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Debt Collection: Information counts!

Check and monitor your debtors, "the earlier, the better"

Often creditors realise impending default firstly if their business partners do not pay the invoices after several reminders.
Often it is too late to ensure payment and to trace the debtors.


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Reasons why a Power of Attorney/PoA/Proxy: ... more>>

Find here the PoA, Proxy we need to represent your interest in insolvency proceedings:
- PoA only English version: here-->
- PoA German/English (out-of-court) here-->
- PoA English (out-of-court) here-->
- PoA German/English version: here-->
- PoA Draft to see what is to fill out: here-->

2014: Our new co-operation with SCHUFA

We are happy to announce the start of our co-operation with the SCHUFA, the largest credit report agency in Germany.

SCHUFA is the most important credit and rating agency in Germany. The name can be translated in „General Credit Protection Association“. This company is well known all over Germany. Their rating index is a substantial item in business relations. No loan, no new bank account, no assurance contract without a check at SCHUFA. All business people know the serious implications and consequences to be registered at the SCHUFA as a debtor.
Our co-operation enables us not only to check the financial solvency of debtors but to file a debtor to the SCHUFA. This threat increases the importance and significance of our work in relation to debtors.

Starting end of January we can offer inquiries from 20 EUR on. We will publish details of pricing shortly.

The data and information incorporated into the credit rating index is shown in detail in the SCHUFA-Compact Report includes the following:

- Top-management level/proprietors and their inter-relations
- Credit rating information including the credit rating index
- Masterdata, legal form
- Banking connection
- Company register information
- Business figures
- Sector information

You will find further information on

New offer for court proceedings - small claims offer (SCO) 1st, October 2013

Suitable especially for debt collection agencies!

From the 1st  of October we offer a new product in court proceedings. It is applicable for small and undisputed claims up to a claim of 16,000.00 EUR.

The clients have to pay only the fees for the court due to the legal table for court fees in Germany!
... more>>
We recommend to check the solvency of the debtor by a comprehensive credit report. We offer a flat of 60,00 Euro - our PayPal Service for fast processing
... more>>

The risk to pursue the debt at court and the debtor enters Liquidation (or German equivalent)

... more>>

Success of debt collection is depending on ... more>>

What do I have to do if I want you to collect our debt? read here>>

Increase of Attorney Email Scams

Our debt collection services in all European countries more>>
What to do if the debtor does not keep his promises to pay?
The most effective way to secure payments.


Our new offer for Lawyer's fees in court proceedings, invoicing


Statute of limitations: Please note that Your claims of Year 2008 could become time-barred on 31.12.2011! Please contact us if you need further information

Our new Service in tracing a debtor:
not only for court proceedings a valid postal address of your debtor is important: A company without postal address is probably out of business.
To check the postal address, pending bankruptcy proceedings, affidavit of means, we offer a flat of 80 Euro for companies and 3,90 Euro for individuals. Use Paypal for fast processing!

Retrospective view of 2010 an outlook on 2011: increased economic development in Germany, less bankruptcy proceedings but no improvement of the financial standing of debtors.

Recommendations in debt collection by view of German Lawyer's

The 10 most important problems to collect a debt